Markahuasi – Traditional And Contemporary Music Of The Andes

Markahuasi – Traditional And Contemporary Music Of The Andes

Recorded in San Francisco, California, at the end of 1993. The CD shows a more polished approach to putting music to tape. Leaning more toward the instrumental aspects of Andean music, the CD is emblematic of the songs we were playing at the time. An excellent representation of different Andean countries, most of the melodies are from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. This contains our rendition of the timeless classic “El Cóndor Pasa”.

[audio:/recordings/markahuasi_black/2 Blaseros Del Titicaca.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/4 Chukya.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/5 Estudio Para Charango.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/8 Pampa Lirima.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/9 Taquirari.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/12 Vientos Del Sur.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_black/13 El Cóndor Pasa.mp3|titles=Balseros Del Titicaca,Chukya,Estudio Para Charango,Pampa Lirima,Taquirari,Vientos Del Sur,El Cóndor Pasa|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Song List:

  1. Los Refranes
  2. Balseros Del Titicaca
  3. Amores Hallarás
  4. Chukya
  5. Estudio Para Charango
  6. Negra Guitarrita
  7. Tinku
  8. Pampa Lirima
  9. Taquirari
  10. Encuentros
  11. Iluman Tío
  12. Vientos Del Sur
  13. El Cóndor Pasa

Total Running Time: 51:46

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