Markahuasi – Music From The Highlands Of South America

Markahuasi – Music From The Highlands Of South America

Recorded in 1991 in Boulder, Colorado, this was the first recording I participated in shortly after meeting the group Markahuasi. The CD is an accurate representation of the music we played during those years, including a large selection of songs that included vocals. In this regard the recording is closer to “traditional” Andean folk music where singing is the norm.

[audio:/recordings/markahuasi_white/1 Tres Rosas (Sikuri).mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_white/2 Yari huangui (San Juanito).mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_white/4 Flor de un día.mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_white/7 Vasija de Barro (Danza).mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_white/9 Purunrrunas (Ramiro de la Zerda).mp3,/recordings/markahuasi_white/11 Fiesta de mi pueblo (Sikuri).mp3|titles=Tres Rosas,Yarihuangui,Flor De Un Día,Vasija De Barro,Purunrrunas,Fiesta De Mi Pueblo|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Song List:

  1. Tres Rosas
  2. Yarihuangui
  3. Fiesta De San Benito
  4. Flor De Un Día
  5. Rio Santa
  6. De Las Peñas
  7. Vasija De Barro
  8. Carnavalito Humahuaqueño
  9. Purunrrunas
  10. Sairi Del Ande
  11. Fiesta De Mi Pueblo

Total Running Time: 46:70

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