Andean Symphony – Volume IV

Andean Symphony – Volume IV

A continuation of the Symphony series, this recording consists of mainly instrumental selections including Simon and Garfunkle’s “The Boxer” and a Brazilian Samba. A fine group of songs that accentuate a diversity of musical forms and rhythms.

[audio:/recordings/symphony_v4/2 Inka Horn Trumpet.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/3 When The Moon Dies.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/5 Yesterday.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/7 Morenada Of The Carnival.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/8 Delicate.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/9 Capricious Little Farmers.mp3,/recordings/symphony_v4/12 Saint Lorenz.mp3|titles=Inka Horn Trumpet,When The Moon Dies,Clear Waters,Morenada Of The Carnival,Delicate,Capricious Little Farmers,Saint Lorenz|artists=Andean Symphony|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Song List:

  1. Atacamens
  2. Inka Horn Trumpet
  3. When The Moon Dies
  4. The Boxer
  5. Clear Waters
  6. One Voice Concert
  7. Morenada Of The Carnival
  8. Delicate
  9. Capricious Little Farmers
  10. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  11. The Baltazar Waltz
  12. Saint Lorenz

Total Running Time: 49:7

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