Andean Nation – Waiting for Rain

Andean Nation – Waiting for Rain

Recorded in 2009, this CD was an attempt to duplicate the formula used in the making of the Contrasts CD by selecting songs that were both Andean and contemporary. The melodies are a variety of traditional as well as recognizable tunes interpreted with Andean instrumentation. Bolivian string virtuoso Fernando Torrico participated in the making of this CD and the album includes several of his compositions.

[audio:/recordings/waiting_rain/1 Summer Rain.mp3,/recordings/waiting_rain/3 Maria Amanecer.mp3,/recordings/waiting_rain/4 Longuita .mp3,/recordings/waiting_rain/8 Hoy Al Fin.mp3,/recordings/waiting_rain/10 Condores.mp3,/recordings/waiting_rain/12 La Ventana.mp3|titles=Lluvia De Verano,Maria Amanecer,Longuita,Hoy Al Fin,Condores,La Ventana|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Song List:

  1. Lluvia De Verano
  2. Norwegian Wood
  3. María Amanecer
  4. Longuita
  5. Ashokan Farewell
  6. The Boxer
  7. Poderoso
  8. Hoy Al Fin
  9. Annie’s Song
  10. La Rebeldía De Los Cóndores
  11. Imilla Bandida
  12. La Ventana

Total Running Time: 47:50

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