Learn to Play the Siku

Often mistaken for the European Pan-Flute, the Siku is one of the oldest instruments of Pre-Colombian South America. An embodiment of the South American Andes, it is living testimony to the endurance and ingenuity of indigenous culture. This 52 page instruction manual, designed for students who neither read nor write music, will guide you on the path to self-instruction. Graphic representations help you learn traditional melodies from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Used in conjunction with the accompanying audio CD, you can learn how to play native Andean folk songs. Includes tips on tuning, care and the history of this unique instrument.

[audio:/books/learn_siku/8 Tema De La Mina Alaska.mp3,/books/learn_siku/9 Kasarjeta.mp3,/books/learn_siku/11 Nuca Llajta.mp3,/books/learn_siku/17 Karallanta.mp3,/books/learn_siku/19 Alturas De Huallpakayu.mp3,/books/learn_siku/21 Auqui Auqui.mp3,/books/learn_siku/22 Juliaquenita.mp3|titles=Tema De La Mina Alaska,Kasarjeta,Ñuca Llajta,Karallanta,Alturas De Huallpakayu,Auqui Auqui,Juliaqueñita|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Course Information:

  1. Introduction
  2. Exercise 1
  3. Exercise 2
  4. Exercise 3
  5. Exercise 4
  6. Exercise 5
  7. G Major Scale
  8.  Tema De La Mina Alaska
  9. Kasarjeta
  10. Señora Chichera
  11. Ñuca Llajta
  12. Fiesta Aymara
  13. El Cóndor Pasa
  14. El Humahuaqueño
  15. Iluman Tío
  16. Ojos Azules
  17. Karallanta
  18. Llorando Se Fué
  19. Alturas De Huallpakayu
  20. Vasija De Barro
  21. Auqui Auqui
  22. Juliaqueñita
  23. Papel De Plata

Total Running Time….38:11

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