Learn to Play the Kena

From soaring peaks to the majestic solitude of the South American Andes, the Kena is one of the oldest instruments in the Americas. An instrument of Pre-Colombian and Pre-Incan origin, the sound of the Kena evokes feelings of an age gone by. This 56 page instruction manual, designed for students who neither read nor write music, will guide you on the path to self-instruction. Songs and exercises are depicted graphically and, used along with the accompanying audio CD, you can learn how to play native Andean folk songs from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Find out interesting tips on the origins, history and fabrication of this incredible instrument. Also included is a section on the Kenacho, a larger cousin of the standard Kena.

[audio:/books/learn_kena/5 Negra Gutiarrita.mp3,/books/learn_kena/6 Tinku.mp3,/books/learn_kena/11 Balseros.mp3,/books/learn_kena/14 Condor Pasa.mp3,/books/learn_kena/16 Amores Hallaras.mp3,/books/learn_kena/21 Marcha.mp3|titles=Negra Gutiarrita,Tinku,Balseros,Condor Pasa,Amores Hallarás,Marcha|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]


  1. Introduction
  2. Note Playing Exercises
  3. G Major Scale
  4. Fiesta Aymara
  5. Negra Guitarrita
  6. Tinku
  7. Vibrato, Trills & Note Bending
  8. Iluman Tío
  9. Fiesta De San Benito
  10. Ollantay
  11. Balseros Del Titicaca
  12. Vasija De Barro
  13. Ñuca Llajta
  14. El Cóndor Pasa
  15. Pasacalle
  16. Amores Hallarás
  17. El Humahuaqueño
  18. Huachos
  19. Llorando Se Fué
  20. D Major Scale
  21. Marcha
  22. Ojos Azules
  23. Jucku

Total Running Time….37:08

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