The Toyos are the largest of the Siku family. Usually the instrument is played between two players in counterpoint style due to their large and cumbersome size. The Toyos are impressive to listen to, their thunderous sound seems to embody the timeless nature of the Andean landscape. Our Toyos are handmade by master flute maker Ivan Alandres and are available by special order only.

The Siku is native to the Andes mountains. Also referred to as Zampoña in Spanish, it is a pre-colombian instrument that is prevalent in the indigenous communites of the Altiplano region between Bolivia and Peru. The Siku is now popular throughout much of Latin America, and tourists may be exposed to the instrument while traveling in Mexico or Central America. This is a recent phenomenon occurring in the last 30 years as Andean music has gained in popularity. The origins, however, are specific: the central Andean mountain chain running through present day Bolivia and Peru.


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[audio:/instruments/Toyos.mp3|titles=Sounds of the Toyo|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

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