Andean Nation – Music And Instruments From The High Andes

Andean Nation – Music And Instruments From The High Andes

Recorded in Tijeras, New Mexico, in the fall of 1997. This work was the first recording to come out following the Markahuasi years. Many traditional song-forms displayed throughout, including Ecuadorian San Juanitos and a number of Bolivian song- forms like the Morenada, Trote, Saya and Taquirari. This was the first time we explored a few non-traditional melodies like “Dust in the Wind” and “Don’t Cry for me Argentina.” These proved highly popular during our performances and become a trend that we followed up on in later productions.

[audio:/recordings/music_instruments/1 Purimuy.mp3,/recordings/music_instruments/2 Tarajchi.mp3,/recordings/music_instruments/3 Otavaleno.mp3,/recordings/music_instruments/5 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.mp3,/recordings/music_instruments/6 San Juanito.mp3,/recordings/music_instruments/10 Sorritos.mp3|titles=Purimuy,Tarajchi,Otavaleno,Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,San Juanito,Sorritos|artists=Andrew Taher|autostart=no| loop=yes]

Song List:

  1. Purimuy
  2. Tarajchi
  3. Otavaleño
  4. La Mariposa
  5. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
  6. San Juanito
  7. Consuelos
  8. Sonkoy T’ikita
  9. Blue Eyes
  10. Sorritos
  11. Dust In The Wind
  12. Tobas

Total Running Time: 52:10

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